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Gagged Babe Samantha Grace Loves Being Tied Up!
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I am sitting in my beautiful chaise lounge chair in my sexy mini skirt and tight top. I've been waiting for you all day to come home. I've wanted nothing more but for you to tie me up, gag me, and bring to orgasm with my magic wand. I beg you to tie me up. Which you do. You tie my breasts so tightly with hemp rope. My arms behind my back in a box tie. Then my legs into a frog tie. You even tie some rope on my feet. You do some sexy foot bondage on my feet. Securing them, knowing how much I love rope on my feet. Once I am tied tightly. You secure the big red ball gag in my mouth. Then you tie my magic wand in place. You pull up my skirt to reveal my satin red panties. You leave my panties on and place my magic wand in just the right spot. You bring me to orgasms. Knowing how much I love being bound, gagged and cumming.

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